Friday, October 22, 2004

The discarded picture frames

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A Norwegian magazine is offering 100,000 Norwegian Crowns ($14,670) for the paintings' safe return. The City of Oslo, whom Munch left the bulk of his work to, has no such interest in bargaining with high-culture-hijackers. Experts, what do they know, feel this may help flush out the evildoers, though.

From the Munch-Museet:
"The museum will be closed until the end of October. Concerts and special events already planned will be carried out. Exhibitions in the museum: the museum is closed."

As of October 22nd, this was all to be found in any way relating to the incident on the museum's website. They are closed to enhance security, something already being planned before this catastrophe. You can hardly blame them for closing. It is quite a shocking and embarrassing thing to have happen. How would you react if you were in a holdup, except it was in a giant lobby and what was being stolen was artifacts, not cash from the register?

On Friday, October 15th, 2004, Norwegian police told Reuters they had identified a group of hooligans linked to the ill-gotten art-carrying-Audi. Apparently the two gunmen had just one gun, so they weren't as armed to the teeth as I've led you to believe. They also used wire cutters to cut the chords securing the paintings. Police feel they are narrowing in on their quarry.

I have created this report based on my obtuse sense of humor and several great sources of information. The most definitive information on the various versions of The Scream and Madonna was found at the Munch Museum's website. The meat of the details relating to the current robbery were from CNN reports contributed to by journalist Erlend Fernandez & CNN's Glenn van Zutphen, and CNN correspondent Jim Boulden. The CNN reports utilized Associated Press information. The developments of Friday, October 15, were from a Reuters report.

The information about the pyschic and the first robbery was from a documentary produced by the BBC and the Discovery channel on pyschic crime fighters.

Finally, Munch by Ulrich Bischoff, published by Taschen in 1993 and 1995 with English translation by Michael Hulse.

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