Friday, October 22, 2004

The perps at their getaway car
Originally uploaded by Art or Idiocy?.

There was video footage taken of the larceny, cos everyone knows that in Europe everything you do is taped, and this led authorities to the getaway car, a black Audi. But by the looks of it, a decidedly proletariat Audi. The picture frames were found in another part of town. The painting pilferers had cut them out as they fled in their car. Reports aren't clear and I hope this doesn't mean they slashed the canvases off the stretchers. As they ran to their car, the canvas canoodlers twice dropped the priceless (approx. $90 mill.) artworks- D'oh!

Further investigation revealed that the fine-art-filchers blew off a fire extinguisher when abandoning their car in order to destroy any fingerprints or DNA. This is more effective and inconspicuous than setting incriminating evidence ablaze. It is believed they removed the frames in case any tracking devices were embedded in them. Not to worry fellas, the museum did not take that liberty.

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