Friday, November 05, 2004

48% say NO to Theocracy.

I usually try to stay away from political commentary. Usually it is ranting and raving, but it has come to my attention that I rant and rave at times. I am also feeling a number of complex emotions, so complex are these emotions that I feel the need to puke them out in a sardonic style. Naturally, these emotions, these complex, intense and myriad emotions can only be expressed in blog form.

But first let me say that I continue to write, think about, and make art. And yes, rant and rave about strictly art-related topics. The long awaited TOP TEN by Audrey Peiper is nearing completion. Throughout the wait many have questioned whether or not this spectral Ms. Peiper even exists. Well, I assure you she in fact does indeed exist, existentially speaking. And works in the basement of the Art Institute of Chicago alongside me, where she has been tirelessly compiling the most comprehensive TOP TEN list since the nefarious TOP TEN foofaraw of aught twelve.

And now the political stuff:

I have noticed Asscroft, I mean Ashcroft (real mature, I know) is purported to be resigning. That is good, right? Unless someone more evil and not so dumb fills his place. Then we're fucked. Oh wait, we're already fucked. So who the fuck cares?

That leads to a good point, though. This time Bush legitimately won, this time. And legitimately and won. Which means most of America is populated by 4 years olds. And what are old people but withered casings for infantile minds?

Anyway, what the fuck do we care now? The gloves are off. The major flaw of the Kerry campaign is that it played fair and it played nice. No longer, folks! If Bush wants a divided nation, then a divided nation he has. Why bother with pleasantries? Did you notice in all the campaign speeches and news bites, every time Kerry spoke it was positive and the crowd cheered? He would say things like. "America needs change!" and everyone would say "Yeah!" Bush would say something like, "my voted one way, and then he voted another," and then the crowd would boo and say "flip, flop." Now who's being immature? What a disgusting thing. If Bush had any class what so ever he would have tried to hush them or be respectful. Instead he'd smile and snicker, like a smart allec brat on the playground with a bully big brother. So I say it is time to kick sand in his face.

When you get in one of those arguments with a republican/conservative/"christian" and they start deriding you for having an opinion, just yell louder, something real immature, like "Are you a stroke victim?" They will say, "real mature." Then say, "I just wanted to speak to you at your own level." Or swear at them. They hate that, and they can't swear back because their god will punish them. And if they do it anyway, point this out. And then point out simple-minded basic differences between their alleged christianity, and what Christ really stood for. You might want to try researching things in the Bible. Don't feel bad about it, organized religion has been using the teachings of Jesus for centuries as a weapon.

If this fails say you weren't paying attention because you're were busy thinking about how you are planning on handing out abortions at the gay wedding you are going to this weekend.

All right, try to have a good day. And the reassuring words from an unlikely source, "take care of yourselves. And eachother," Jerry Springer.

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