Thursday, December 09, 2004

Hot Event

Biz Card, originally uploaded by Art or Idiocy?.

This is one of my handmade business cards. It is a work of singular genius and let me tell you why.

First off, it is a fake business card, in that it is drawn to look like a mass-produced one, but in reality is meticulously hand crafted. It is a real business card, though. It has real information and can be used as a networking solution.

It is Uber-Warholian. Andy Warhol talks about wanting to be a machine, and the best way to be an art machine is to perfect the ability to draw the same thing over and over. Like this dog guy. You thought it was a funny little character but you were wrong. It is all just one big simulacrum.

Beyond this we have the totality of the situation, a perfect mixture of art and commerce.

I was at Sonotheque at the of Artists' Month this past October for a show I participated in there. I had hundreds of dog cutouts that I installed in the restrooms. Again, with the repetition. One of the other exhibiting artists was there, Krista Peel, and we began to talk. I gave her one of my homemade business cards, and she instantly had an idea. Krista, among other things, makes miniature art installations. Dollhouses with a contemporary knack for design.

She saw my tiny dog on the back of the card as a perfect mini poster for a mini room.

At any rate, she has included my piece, along with many by other real, honest-to-goodness artists, in her ultra-mod dollhouse. The result is the sculptural product and a calendar of images.

As if to come full circle, the event to kick all this off is at Sonotheque. Below you will find the invitation.

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