Wednesday, February 23, 2005

4. The Power & The Glory, Call Me Armageddon CD (Deathwish Inc.)

I think I wanted the new Low to have this power and crushing darkness but they chose a new path that deserves its own review. TP&TG are a completely different monster but dwell in a glorious nihilism that is incredibly appropriate for this era.

Just read vocalist Ezra's lyrics for the song V is for Vulture

    "Bless the cathode rays, the winter days and loose windowpanes, and the markets mired in malaise. And of course God, King, Country and Cunt. Fuck! It's getting thick in here. Lay my body with the others in the gash between the headlines and the white lies just past the yawning breadlines and the burning skylines. Call it a pauper's burial or a proper fit when the highways come circling like vultures, when the evenings come slithering like snakes, when the hour hands come crashing like thunder--Save the clich├ęs for the virgins, the tourists and the sob stories and just let me rest my eyes. Forever and ever amen."

This is a phenomenal outfit, used to be called Downpour, combining a brutal assault and immense chaos that is short and to the point, no wanking guitar solos, no pity. Rarely does a live show impress enough to want the CD, but an empty show a few weeks ago for about twenty people TP&TG blazed through their set combining political insight and technical prowess which in a time where hardcore has lost political moorings for ‘sex-metal’ this is incredibly welcome.

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