Wednesday, March 02, 2005

5. Universal Experience

Thru June 5
220 E Chicago Ave
More info on Their Frustrating Website
What a handsome volume this catalogue is!

P.S.: I went there last nite and some foofaraw with fire engines and cop cars caused a power outage in parts of the museum. We were walking around in the semi darkness until the power came on. That was when they decided it would be a good time to shut the place down. Our Universal Experience was fear and disorientation as the giant doors sealed off the galleries and everyone was evacuated.
At any rate...
It is a great exhibition with lots to see (photos and objects) and do (watch videos). Make a day of it, go to Borders, eat at Eat the World in water tower and see the Dawoud Bey-curated show at the real Water Tower (through March 28)

I was a fool to think "Universal Experience" meant "everyone's experience," and not "just what jet-setting snots think is cool."

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