Wednesday, March 23, 2005


Don't worry, I have not abandoned Art or Idiocy? But I have abandoned the U.S. for a short time. I am in Oxfordshire, England. (putting me in striking distance of England's art capital) So Art or Idiocy? has officially become international. Look for reviews and notes soon to follow as I turn a harsh and critical eye upon the UK's art scene.

I've been to the two Tate Galleries on my previos stay, and now with pen in hand. Let me tell you, my views are scathing, raving and nothing if not fair. I don't see why everyone is gushing over Tate Modern, it is, BY FAR, the absolute most creepy and unsettling space I have ever been in. I much prefer the Tate Britain, more inviting architecturally, much better lit and NO DUST BUNNIES on the pedistals.

Forgive the missspellings [sic] as time is precious and short when you pay 75p (1.50US) for the internet.


justin said...

why do you hate so hard?

justin said...

I will say hi when I see you!