Thursday, March 10, 2005

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Erik Wenzel
After All, You Can't Put A Price on Art
Acrylic on canvas

This wonderful piece was created for Bridge Magazine's First Annual Benefit Art Auction & International Art Awards Gala taking place next Friday (March 18th) at the former Spiegel Brothers Warehouse. The site is the future home of the Zhou Brothers Art Academy. You can find out more here.

So turn up and maybe you can get your paws on this sheet piece as well as works by: Dawoud Bey, Oli Watt, Brian Ulrich, Jonathan Gitelson, Adelheid Mers, Chris Uphues, Matt Siber, Brandon Alvendia, Michael X. Ryan, Kay Rosen, Krista Peel, Alison Ruttan, Eduardo Kac, Judith Geichman, Cody Hudson, Saya Woolfalk, Laura Mosquera, Kumiko Murakami and dozens of other hot, emerging and established talent. The complete list, which seems to grow by the day, is found via the informational link I provided above.

This will the second time I've participated in a benefit auction. The first time was for search and rescue dogs. The proceeds helped feed, house and train the intrepid K-9's that can sniff their way to missing people as well as cadavers. I learned that a dog sitting in a speed boat can smell a body at the bottom of the lake. And they can smell through ice too. Dogs can smell around corners and can leap of tall things in a single bound. But they can't out run locamotives.

Below is a rambling, and hopefully humorous account of last Friday's art events, at least in my tiny corner. I also provide serious analysis of work on view at Carrie Secrist. So I hope you pay attention for that part.

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