Thursday, March 10, 2005

So this robot conundrum is like what happened to me when people wanted to know what openings I was going to. Except there where no robot-law-breaking instructions, so I am led to believe that my mind is, in fact, malfunctioning.

Part of the problem is that there is no good, complete list of openings. I looked on the internet, but they are either horribly incomplete, or are not updated. The Reader used to have good listings, but now they are a formless blob. They were once separated by neighborhood, or “gallery district.” But now the whole damn city is alphabetized in one giant listing. In addition to this is the added frustration that the online version is never ready on Thursday. I think they may have it up by Friday, when most people’s plans are made. And sometimes not even then. Besides, I WANT TO KNOW NOW.

Sure, you can organize all this yourself, but going to openings is a social event, it’s not planning an itinerary through Europe. What’s even more stupid is that I am on about two dozen mailing lists, and so I get tons of cards for shows. But I have no place to put them, so they end up in a huge pile. I don’t look at them again till long after the show has closed. “Gee, it would have been nice to have gone to that,” I think. And then I don’t throw them out because I get attached to the pictures. What a mess!

Somehow was lucky enough to figure out that Carrie Secrist was having openings, maybe because the cards arrived a few days before the event. I had enough time to plan to go, but not so much as I forgot about them. Carrie Secrist’s cards are also really big, so they are hard to miss.

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