Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Artists Gone Wild

Erik Wenzel • Every Summer We Can Rent A Cottage, in the Isle of Wight, if it's Not Too Dear • 2005 • Acryilc on found image mounted on panel

This Saturday you should definitely make your way to the Butcher Shop for Spring Break Chicago 2005. It is organized by artLedge, the Animal House of the art world. ArtLedge’s home space is one of those architectural excentricites that is one’s joy to find in a city like Chicago. It is literally a ledge, a bit of unusable flooring at the top of a precarious winding metal staircase that links a top floor reminiscent of a suburban house, and a main floor apartment. All this atop a hodgepodge of various styles and hallways leading up to it off the street.

So artLedge is transporting this to a much larger venue for more work and more party. Everyone is in the show. I’m in the show and you’re in the show too. Really, you might not know it, but your work is already installed. And it looks fabulous. There are about 9,000 artists involved, 16 curators, some 24 rockstars, 8 fashionistas, 90 microbreweries a stray dog and a 5ft length of garden hose.

Neither have web sites, but here are google search results for both, these should fill you in on ArtLedge & Butcher Shop.
    And from the press release:

    artLedge presents:

    Spring Break Chicago 2005

    April 23 – April 30, 2005
    Opening Festivities: Saturday, April 23, 2005,
    Gallery Hours: Saturday, April 30, 2005, 12pm-6pm

    At the Butcher Shop
    1319 W. Lake, Chicago, IL 60607
    (3 blocks east of Green Line to Harlem, Ashland stop)
    Appointments and info: artLedge@yahoo.com

    artLedge is proud to present SPRING BREAK CHICAGO 2005 at the legendary Butcher Shop. Occupying the entire Butcher Shop gallery, this exhibition unites the efforts of 100 artists with an evening of festivities to thoroughly engage your senses. Come celebrate the global spring break phenomenon, relish in the emergence of spring, and take part in one of the most exciting events of the season.

    Brian Andrews, Loo Bain, Kimberley Baker, Lauren Ball, Leon Carver, John Collins, Tom Colley, Rob Davis, Vince Dermody, Andreana Donahue, Stephanie Dowell, Jeff Earhart, Stephen Eichhorn, Ken Fandell, Cayetano Ferrer, Diane Figueredo, Katie Fitzgerald, Ben Foch, Erin Foley, Rebecca Grady, Sayre Gomez, Frank D. Giovanni, Matthew Ginsberg, Kate Gronner, Antonio Guerrero, Jacob Christopher Hammes, Justin Hansch, Brandon Heuser, Peter Hoffman, Alex Hertzog, Dennis Hodges, Jakub Jerzy, Stacie Johnson, Gwen Jones, Wyatt Kahn, Lauren Kessenger, Alessandro Keegan, Gerard Kilgallon, Michael Langlois, Ross Luebe, Katharine Lion, Colin Lyons, George Liebert, Eric Mirabito, Teena McClelland, Jameson McShane, Becca Mann, Deirdre McConnell, Amy Mayfield, Thea Miklowski, Ralph Moran, Duncan MacKenzie, Anna Mayer, Chad Magnuson, Josh Mannis, Rich Mansfield, Rob Meinhardt, Eric May, Julia Marsh, Lindsay Madden, Don Moore, Liz Nielsen, Tish Noel, Jamisen Ogg, Lonnie Potter, John Phillips, Jon Phillips, Daniel Pineda, ChaeEun Chaenny Rhee, Scott Reeder, Amanda Ross-Ho, Nathan Redwood, Jeremy Roberts, Katie Scanlan, Min Song, Bert Stabler, Jason Starr, Ben Seamons, Susan Smolinski, Stan Schultz, Shannon Stratton, Maria Stubbs, Justin Schaefer, Michael Thibault, Adrian Tone, Julia Tcharfas, Amber Vilas, Roseann Vital, Siebren Versteeg, Kevin Vlack, J. Patrick Walsh III, Nate Wolf, Brandon White and others. (Erik Wenzel, Artist Extraordinaire)

    Schedule of events:
    6 pm: Doors open.
    7 pm: Anna Mayer's "Reggae Butterfly" performance
    8 pm: The musical stylings of Mr. Wiggles and DJ
    Miamay begin.
    10 pm: Spring Break Fashion Show presented by Diane
    11 pm: Raffle winners announced.
    12 am: Doors close.

    Primo custom airbrushed apparel will be provided by Graphic Pointe, Chicago. Provide your own items for a discount.

    Refreshments kindly provided by Pabst Blue Ribbon.

    Best wishes,

    Caleb Lyons
    Brandon Alvendia
    Alberto Hernandez
    artLedge is a non-commercial exhibition space
    committed to presenting artists’ work created
    specifically for the unique parameters the ledge
    provides. Exhibitions are celebrated with a festive
    one-night social nexus for artistic contemplation.
    Visible from the spiral staircase that connects the
    two floors of an apartment at 1638 N. Western,
    artLedge lends itself to a surprisingly infinite
    number of exhibition possibilities.

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