Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Too Much Rock for One Dog

Erik Wenzel, Artist Debauch-inaire, poses in front of his freshly completed piece in the NOVA Art Fair’s project space. This is as close as an artist can get to rocking- giant dogs adjacent to the stage. More info on NOVA


Cynthia said...

Went today but the wall with your drawings was completely unlit due to the pancake grilling going on in the center of the room. Was the big painting to the right of these drawings yours too, or was it someone else's? Couldn't see the work at the far side of the room at all.

But the pancakes were good.

The Artist Extraordinaire said...

Dogs in the Dark, oh well. Hopefully they were still visable. I don't know who did the painting to the right. I just did the rocking dogs.

I heard Michael Workman asked Paul Klein to do the pancakes, ala Art Chicago of yore. But Workman just got some incomprehensible muttering and then Klein walked away.