Saturday, April 23, 2005

Total Diaristic Post

I hope everyone makes it out the Butcher Shop tonite. Spring Break Chicago 2005 has gotten an insane amount of press, and it hasn't even opened yet. artLedge is on the forefront of the art party phenomenonsnndinnon (SP?) basically, where the opening IS the after party. The Newcity has ranked SBC2005 as the NUMBER 1 SHOW to go See Right Now. TimeOut Chicago also has a feature on it. So it's gonna be killer, I'm assuming. (for the details scroll down to "Artists Gone Wild")

This is a message to all galleries, organizers and would-be curators:
There are way too many fucking art things going on next weekend. There are three art fairs, a hot drawing show at the Betty Rymer Gallery, a new gallery that is innaugerating itself & a show about making piles of things. So my weekend is full and I will probably end up just sitting at home alseep anyway.

So NO MORE openings. I am not going to go hit all the usual spots when there is all sorts of other awesomeness going on. And if any collectors and gallerists from Zurich are in town, I'm pretty sure they aren't either. So before you rent a warehouse and a DJ and ask everyone to make an ironic painting about President Bush on a moldy sheet of cardboard think twice. Cos no one is going to be able to go to all the shit going down. This is a good thing, it means there's a lot shit going on in Chicago. But the downside is that the next weekend there will be nothing. And the weekend after that. Everyone is all banking in on this one weekend and then there will be a huge drought afterwords. This is going to be bad. Summer is the off season for art. That's really the best time to experiment and have crazy giant shows. I am more likely to go to a one nite show in a one-time gallery/apartment when there is nothing else going on. In the summer you want to get out and do stuff anyway; and so on a nice summer nite it is fun to venture to a new place you've never been to and check it out. Same is true for the "mainstream" galleries. Why would I go to Westloop and River North when all this other stuff is happening? When there's no artfairs, that's when I go to galleries. And in the middle of summer, it would be nice to have a opening or two to go to.

This is a total haphazard rant and rave. So don't be surprised to see it dissappear after this weekend. Just consider it free market research for all the art business people.

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