Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Paul Nudd

Striped & Spotted Pests • numbered and signed

Last is Paul Nudd, featured at Dogmatic. It is a smart strategy to feature one artist as sort of a special installation at this science fair style affair. I have long been attracted to the hairy, prickly caterpillar blobs in Nudd’s drawings. Also on view was a series of small monitors screening disgusting and gross videos. It makes you really wonder about our mental programming, watching them. Nothing really disgusting or offensive is happening or being depicted. It only looks like things.

Black Milk, 2005, a strangely visual phrase that is explored graphically in an all text zine is also a video of a black gooey blob tunneling nowhere. So it is Kafkaesque. The blobs almost take on the attributes of cute creatures and are definitely characters pared down to their essential mitochondria. In Wurm Burths, more disgusting mayhem insues. It is almost impossible to laugh at the situation, but just what the hell do you think you’re laughing at? Nothing really, abstraction, implication. Weird connections you draw as the viewer. It’s ridiculous, but one could seriously apply the systems and devices of Buster Keation films to these pieces. Nudd describes them in one way as “the aesthetics of porn without the context.”

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Cynthia said...

These were wonderful, especially looking at the whole wall of them, maybe a hundred? Don't know. Everything shows a steadiness of hand and vision (tho he claims he needs new glasses...).

As with a lot of the old strays, seemed bemused and misplaced.