Tuesday, May 03, 2005

The most common response was that the Art Chicago Guy is peeing. The second was that he is suffering from lower back pain. The notion that he is the essential viewer is most likely the correct one, but the others are so much more fun.

One of those polled related a story of how she was standing in a gallery, looking at the art and had a moment of weakness. That moment we all get now and again, the moment of doubt and realization as to the absurdity of being interested in art. It struck her, “who looks at art, anyway?” After a weekend like this, we all may be asking that question-“What’s the point?"

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elkeworks said...

Hey. Arrrrggg.... That Hernandez Stamp art guy did a image of the Art Chicago guy peeing once.... But your essay, tho' maybe not the First, is still the Best (Right On!) .....Smooooch, Your loyal fan and girliest groupie,
You Know Who