Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Richard Pettibone

Flowers • Silkscreen on canvas, in a frame made by the artist • Initialed and dated 1971 • 1.75 x 1.75 in.
Stephen Wolf Fine Arts

The image here is one of Pettibone’s Flowers of 1971. Gallerie Sho from Tokyo had on view three of these little beauties as well as two small Marilyns, 1978. Look at the dimensions, the Flowers are less than 2 inches square. Each painting is carefully screen printed, stretched on canvas and framed with wee nails and slates of wood. These miniscule works are reduced to sheer perfection. Oddly, seeing theses tiny Warhols touched me much more than seeing originals. Of course without the original, full-size pieces, Pettibone’s couldn’t exist. And yet seeing these Lilliputian paintings is breathtaking. They become objects, trinkets, toys.

Gallerie Sho describes itself as showing art, “reflecting pop cultures and conceptual minimalism.” What an awesome self synopsis.

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