Tuesday, May 03, 2005

What's the Deal with Mr Art Chicago?

So the art fair weekend is over and there are only a few loose ends to wrap up, Art or Idiocy? may get to, or not. There are lot’s of quality pieces for loyal readers waiting in the wings: A profile on artist Nick Lowe, whom recently lectured at SAIC, more TATE PICKS from the Tate Modern, and of course the TOP TEN. Contributors are hard at work on them, and you will not want to miss the results.

But let’s have some fun. Below are the results of the Art or Idiocy? survey

This weekend Art or Idiocy? visited many of the goings-on throughout the jewel on Lake Michigan. But there was one persistent bother; one nagging question that would not go away. Just what is the Art Chicago guy doing? Who is he, what does he represent, what is he doing? So Art or Idiocy? took it to the streets seeking speculation and conjecture. As you can see, many theories surfaced. From the mouths of art going public:

    “He wishes he had unpleated khakis. They are too tight and constrictive.”

    “He’s peeing into the lake just to hear it splash.”

    “He just got done running.”

    “He’s got a wicked huge boner and he’s contemplating where to put it.”

    “He’s the generic viewer. Arms Akimbo = criticality. Relaxed pose = enjoyment”

    “He has lower back pain.”

    “He has a grandfatherly pose.”

    “He looks like the diagram of a man suffering from gas and bloating in an antacid commercial.”


Lazerhappy said...

and now for the not funny answer to the "what is the artchicago guy doing"


"hes buisy contemplating the meaning of a contemporary art piece.... and wether or not it will look good in his art collection... "

jess said...
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