Thursday, June 02, 2005

BMOMA #2 opens Saturday June 4, 2005

Featuring Janell Baxter, EC Brown, David Criner, Renee Gory, Cody Hudson, Mindy Rose Schwartz, Will Sturgis, JJ Sulin, Chris Uphues and Erik Wenzel

3213 S. Lituanica VISIT BMOMA

The Art Institute of Chicago may have just announced it expansion plans with a star-studded media blitz, but there is a new kid in town capturing the hearts and minds of critics and commentators everywhere.

The press release states:
    Th’ Bridgeport Museum of Modern Art is having another
    show this week end I'm sure it will prove to be a heel
    of a time ---but don't just listen to me --here is
    what the critics say:

    "This isn't retarded it's quite wonderful"- –J. Yood

    "The most important insitiution since the.....what do
    you call it?.....the MCA "-- M. Workman

    "Chris Uphues…who is that?" -- F. Camper

Indeed, in the grande tradition of Moe-Muh, Sfuh-Moe-Muh and No-Muh, is Buh-Moe-Muh:
The Bridgeport Museum of Modern Art!

So what is the BMoMA? One simply must confer with the website: “The Bridgeport Museum of Modern Art was founded in 2005. Exhibits are periodic and held for the duration of one evening.”

But cultural critc (pop culture) L. Burke says, "Just because it has a website, doesn't make it a museum. But B. MoMa is a force to reckon with, unlike your momma."

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