Monday, June 06, 2005


I really wanted to go the Die Käse Hause (The Cheese House) opening at Foundation Gallery, but I didn’t make it. My friend did get me a nice print from the show, though, so that means I’ve acquired something. I have a new acquisition for my collection. So I own a piece of the show, the graphic from the card, in stunning B&W. That qualifies me to say it is a good show and you should go see it.

Near Foundation is ARC, with the much advertised Chicago Solutions Show. This was Ed Paschke’s baby, but James Rondeau has juried (curated?) it this time around. My feeling is that unless there is art about the growing trade gap between the U.S. and Asia, it probably sucks. Art can’t solve very much of anything, unless it is the problem of “how do we cover up that hole in the wall?” Remember: Guernica didn’t hasten the end of WWII by a single day. In fact, it was created long before things got really crazy, it was painted in 1937.

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