Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Scientology Actually Good For Something

From Artnet
“... Sienna Miller, the 21-year-old beauty who was two-timed by fiancé Jude Law [c’mon, is that really necessary?], is now slated to star in Factory Girl, director George Hickenlooper’s biopic of Andy Warhol superstar Edie Sedgwick, currently, in pre-production. According to press reports, the role had previously belonged to recent Scientology convert Katie Holmes, who dropped out [thank god!] (it's against Scientology rules to dye your hair). Memento star Guy Pearce is slated to play Warhol, while other cast members include Meredith Ostrom (Nico), Gavin Rossdale (Gerard Malanga) [Mr. Gwen Stefani, lead singer of the band Bush] and Gwen Stefani (Richie Berlin) [harajuku girl wannabe].”
-Presumably by Walter Robinson

Who is Richie Berlin?
Richie Berlin is Brigid Berlin’s younger sister, named after father Richard. Richie sometimes went round New York with Brigid. Her only real claim to fame is an uncredited bit part in the “non-Warhol” but Warhol-related film Ciao! Manhattan(1972). So maybe Stefani has a bit part in Factory Girlala her contribution to The Aviator. Interestingly, Ciao! is based on the life of Edie Sedgwick with a down and out model named Susan Superstar as the stand-in. It stars Edie herself in the lead role. This becomes all the more confusing when assuming that Factory Girl will feature a segment on the making of Ciao! So Sienna Miller will be playing Edie playing Susan, who is really just a character study of Edie. And Gwen Stefani will be there. Whoa. Began in 1967, Ciao! wasn’t finished until 1971, just weeks before Sedgwick’s death of an overdose. Other factory superstars appearing in the film include Paul America, Baby Jane Holzer, Brigid Berlin and Warhol himself.

Gerard Malanga was a college student when he began working as a studio assistant for Warhol doing screen-printing. In the film about Warhol, Superstar, Malanga recalls Andy’s response to Edie Sedgwick’s death. He learned about it in a phone call, “’Edie’s dead,’” Andy responded, “’Edie Who?’”

An amazing resource, and an engrossing and entertaining read on all things Warhol is Warhol Stars Art or Idiocy? highly recommends it.

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