Tuesday, August 02, 2005


This Friday marks the final opening of Foundation Gallery. Yes, another gallery in Chicago is moving on. Not to oblivion, as in some cases, just the city on a fault line, Los Angeles. Art or Idiocy? spoke with one of the directors of Foundation via email leading up to this announcement and she stated that, “Chicago just cannot support the gallery and our personal goals. Its time to move on, sadly.” Foundation Gallery has provided a unique vision of art to the Chicago scene that will be missed. Foundation’s exhibitions have featured art and design collectives and work that merges the sometimes disparate fields of commercial work, and work for it’s own sake.

The final exhibition is:

YOU ARE / I AM Book & Postcard Exhibition
Opening this Friday, August 5th 6-10pm
Open Hours for Reading Room 1-5pm
Sunday, August 7, 14, 21

700 North Carpenter Street BN • Chicago, Illinois 60622
    From the Press release:
    The You Are Beautiful project has been circulating 112 books + 5,000 postcards around the world over the past year, encouraging participants to respond to the statements 'You Are' & 'I Am'. The result is thousands of inspired writings and art pieces.

For more info visit Foundation-Gallery.org

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