Thursday, September 08, 2005


There are billions. Billions. Literally, of art openings tomorrow, or tonight if you are reading this Friday. So how are you to know which ones to go to? You aren’t going to listen to all those other paper publications, are you? No, of course not! You’re going to listen to Art or Idiocy? because we are NEVER biased by anything, except pure art theory.


So, in alphabetical by venue order, here are some exhibitionsArt or Idiocy? would like to draw your attention to:

40000 • 1001 N Winchester
Holes and Planes, Built and Spilt Nevin Tomlinson • Oskar Fischinger (Project Room)
Opening Friday 9 (7-10p) continues through October 8

Gescheidle • 118 n peoria, 4th floor
Burtonwood & Holmes • Geoffry Smalley
Opening Friday (6-9p) continues through October 22

Polvo • 1458 W 18th st 1R
Behind the Image Between the Lines curated by Kimberly Aubuchon & John Mata
Chuck Ramirez • Jesse Amado • Dominick Talvacchio • Jeremy Hiah
mini exhibit:"To the Positive Youth" by Terence Hannum
Opening Friday (6-10p) continues through October 1

Butcher Shop/Dogmatic • 1319 W Lake st 3rd Floor
Philip von Zweck & Alex V. Cook
Due to nature of this work there will be a closing reception October 8
This program will run September10 until October 8 (Saturdays 12 - 6) contact:

Columbia College's A+D Gallery • New Location, 619 S. Wabash
The Cartoonist's Eye curated by Ivan Brunetti
Through October 22
For a medium that repeatedly denounces the art world, elitism, and academism, comics sure are getting lots of play in that world and benifiting from it. Expect every single godam usual supect from non-superhero comicdom. It should a good show, though. It is always interesting to look at work like this in its naked form. The "originals" of each page is like a behind-the-scenes look, for better or worse. But seriously, comic people, stop bitching so much about everything. You are having your cake and eating it too!

One the way to work a funny man was spoted sitting at a street cafe...sporting a fidora, a three piece suit and round glasses. What an oddball! Oh, wait, it is the world famous Candian comic artist Seth! Creator of Palookaville and other favorites. He carefully smoke his cigarette and had a well worn leather attache' case. Just like in the comics! Art or Idiocy? is star-struck!

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