Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Talkn’ ‘Bout Art Criticism with Jim Elkins

(Not to be confused with Talkin’ ‘Bout Art.)

James Elkins has a Blog!

Art Criticism: Art Criticism Discussion with Jim Elkins has been started in preparation for STATES OF ART CRITICISM: VAP Symposium. I know, I know. I was hoping it would be about riding on the train and having to sit next to some smelly kid carrying a bag of art supplies from Utrecht, and other personal anecdotes.

There is a big program of art criticism events on the horizon at SAIC. You can see a full list here. Art or Idiocy? is most excited about Dave Hickey coming since we’ve actually heard of him before. That is actually a good thing because VAP frequently brings in all sorts of new names with fresh perspectives.

The symposium brings up such questions as “when you read a review of art, do you actually finish it?” “How come art historians hate art so much?” “Who put Artforum in charge?” and “Will there be a contest to see which critic can write the most thorough description?”

This should be a good group of events.

Also, MANthoughts on criticism's critical catastrophe

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