Wednesday, October 05, 2005

UK Artist Patrick Caulfield Has Died at the Age of 69


Patrick Caulfield • from Some Poems of Jules Laforgue • 19. `All the benches are wet, the woods are so rusty' • 1973 • Screenprint on paper • image: 410 x 359 mm

Last Thursday, September 29, British Pop artist Patrick Caulfield died in London. He was also born in London, on the 29th of January, 1936.

BBC Story

You are not encouraged to pay the $2, but the independent also has the story. With a controversial twist as Howard Hogkin is making the claim that Caulfield will be remembered more than Lucian Freud. Caulfield certainly has more going on in his work then the master craftsman Freud. And is the case with most Salon painters, in life they are loved, afterward, not so much. Read the abstract HERE

Another briefly discusses Caufield in terms of Roy Lichtenstein, whom he was incorrectly labeld as a follower of. HERE

See a great selection of his work at the TATE website. Other museums should be half as good. And they’ve already updated his dates.

Also to note, the BBC picked up Ed Paschke’s obituary last November


Walter Robinson writes about current developments in the aftermath of Katrina on artnet

Also, NOMA has a temporary website up with news bulletins. And Contemporary Arts Center New Orleans has a message on their page.

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