Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Fair Hike

Well, about now just about everyone has headed down to Miami for the big old cluster fuck. "Art Basel Miami Beach Scope Nada Aqua and so on." Art or Idiocy? is keeping it real up here in the windy, blustery snowy Midwestern and minor outlying islands of Chicago. There are lots of epileptic seizures, psychotic rants and live blogs all weighing in on the special event across the internet (no, I am not going to say “blogosphere”). I am suspicious. Maybe this is like when one mobster finds out where are the other mobsters are having their big meeting, and then goes there and rubs 'em all out in a glorious rain of hot lead of tommy gun tears. We should do that. We should go down there and make 'em all disappear. Maybe I am just channeling Chicago’s mobster roots. Anyway.

Art or Idiocy? is representin’ down in Miami with a special correspondent. So expect a report when she returns. Photos, fun, revelry. It should be good.

In local art fair news, Michael Workman announced on the NOVA Advisory listserv that he will be down there too. Networking, handing out business cards and so on, as we are all wont to do, could any of us afford to go down there.

Workman also touched on NOVA’s current plans for next year’s venue. NOVA is still searching. They are looking into Michigan Avenue hotels, which would put it closer to Art Chicago in the Park. Personally, I felt the derelict garage and office of this past May was actually quite a good environment. It's best for art fairs to be as far from the trade show format as possible. There’s just something really lame about booths in tents. No matter how big the tent and how expensive the booth. It screams science fair, craft fair and convention.

Now let’s warm ourselves by the artLedge...

- E. Wenzel, Fairly Good Fair Commentator

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