Monday, December 05, 2005

Two Blogs to Announce

First is Breaking Secure Hearts by the Brooklyn based Dan Juan. (aka Dan Cordua) During his time in Chicago, Dan hosted some great art events. Breaking Secure Hearts mostly revolves around New York City, with an eye towards street art and graffiti. There is also a lot of focus on the art world and radical politcs. Just what we like in a blog. So do check it out. And you can find it from now on under our “Art Discussion, Elswhere” heading to the left.

Black Cat Bone- Burning the Flesh Off Modern Art is the blog of James W. Bailey "C.S.A. (Contemporary Southern Artist) Born and Raised in the Great State of Mississippi. Born-again in the City of New Orleans."

It is pretty interesting stuff. The industrious Bailey has also gone to create blogs related to specific projects and exhibitions. You can find Black Cat Bone on our links “Artist Pages” heading.

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