Wednesday, January 18, 2006


The posting in the new year here on Art or Idiocy? has been admittedly slow. But the comments on the open best/worst experiment has started to pick up. You can view what others have said below, and weigh in with opinions of your own. Go For It!

Currently, our beloved director, The Artist Extraordinaire, is down in San Antonio preparing for an exhibition. It is Unit B (Gallery)’s inaugural reopening.

Erik Wenzel • I'm Sure There's Beer on it • 2005 • Pen on coaster

You may recall that Unit B was part of the Pilsen gallery scene in Chicago along with Apt. 1R (before it became just 1R, and then Van Harrison) and Bucket Rider. That was the second crop of galleries. Dogmatic, one of the very first, which has since joined forces with the Butcher Shop and moved to just beyond the West Loop. Pilsen is now seeing, a third(?) wave of galleries. With Vespine, Parts Unknown, Duhbe Carreno, The Chicago Art Department and the list goes on. Up the street is Derek Erdman’s Gallery Hamburger, as it is some times called when he was art receptions. Also, the ever present Polvo, which is off the beaten Halsted path, but easily accessible from the 18th Street Blue Line stop.

Pilsen is probably one of most influx neighborhoods for art. As many galleries, if not more, have closed shop as have moved on. This is all part of the useless, but interesting social history of our town.

For more info on the HOT SHIT exhibition at Unit B, Notes to Self, visit their site here and here.
    Unit B (Gallery), an artist-operated gallery space located on the corner of Stieren and Cedar Streets will reopen in San Antonio on Friday, January 20th, under the direction of local artists and friends, Kimberly Aubuchon and John Mata.  We proudly present our first San Antonio exhibition, Notes to Self., featuring the work of Richie Budd and Zach Dunlap (San Antonio, TX), Chris Uphues (Chicago, IL), and Erik Wenzel (Chicago, IL), on view January 20 March 3, 2006.

So Art or Idiocy? will be back, hold tight.


Anonymous said...

i don't get it

OneEar said...

Have you considered a portrait of people standing in line outside of Berghoffs? You could have business card sized numbered prints made up (500) and then price them from $500-$1. You could probably clear $200 for a month's work. (Please send me half).