Friday, February 17, 2006

Fair Words Can Buy A Horse on Credit

Butler Field Drawing
Rendition of Butler Field from Art Chicago's website

Nova News
The only fair making any progress and letting the Chicago art press know about it is Bridge's Nova Art Fair. Today they sent an email outlining a current list of confirmed galleries and publications (a full list is scheduled for March 15th):
    Nova 2006 Exhibitors
    65 Grand (Chicago IL)
    Adobe Books Backroom Gallery (San Francisco CA)
    AI Gallery (Chicago IL)
    Billy Shire Gallery (Los Angeles CA)
    Bucket Rider Gallery (Chicago IL)
    Cynthia Corbett Projects (London UK)
    Dorsch Gallery (Miami FL)
    gescheidle Gallery (Chicago IL)
    Jet Artworks (Washington, D.C.)
    Livebox Gallery (Chicago IL)
    Outlaw A (Chicago IL)
    Pierogi2000 (New York NY)
    Vane Gallery (Newcastle UK)
    Wright Gallery (Northport MI)

    Marx-Saunders Gallery (Chicago IL)

    Art + Auction
    Bridge Magazine
    Chicago Art Foundation
    Columbia College Chicago Art & Design Department
    Flash Art International
    Modern Painters

Nova has also officially endorsed by Superstar Barrack Obama (it must be good) and Mayor Daley (it might suck then) Bad at Sports is the official Podcast and Iconoduel is the official blog. Which makes Art or Idiocy? the official hard-core under-ground, fuck you art blog of Chicago’s Summer Art Fairs.

Art or Idiocy? hit the Art Chicago in the Park, Near the Lake, and Still Evicted website. We were recently excited to see the opening blurry animation and the “6” replacing the “5.” Now if you enter the site, the “6” is everywhere! And there is a promise for an upcoming complete list of exhibitors. We are glad Thomas Blackman & Ass. is continuing on, especially after the much-blurbed no-go of “Art New York.” And aside from parts of the tent that creaked and shuddered like the hold of a pirate ship, the lack of magazines and a depressing "VIP area" (boohoo) last year's incarnation was quite good. There was a lot of good work, and the location is really much much better then the atrocious milleu at the pier. Art or Idiocy? will be there, Art or Idiocy? will be at Nova. Will you?

Nova website

Art Chicago in the Park 2006 website

Now if only they will have a free shuttle bewteen them!

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