Sunday, March 12, 2006

Live Blogging the Art Fairs

What is the point of "live blogging?" Are there art fans at home constantly surfing the blogs hoping for updates on the big art fairs this weekend in NYC? It might be cool to give live updates about peices being sold, and when different works are getting pulled out of hiding. No it wouldn't that would be disgusting, who cares?

circus side show

Here's a good example of a useless tidbit: At a prominent London gallerie's booth our correspondant casually looked at a Johnathan Lasker and eve's dropped on the gallerist telling someone about an incident the day before. Some American was peeking in the booth's closet at a Warhol self portrait. A smallish sideby side late one. Apperantly the gallery having it could be a bit of a scandal and it shouldn't be brought out into the open. The gallery had a tiny Mao, which the gallerist passed off as being a "knick knack." BUt this other one, which the two plus AorI? was peeking at, was something else. Maybe it has to with the Warhol Authentication board. Or other galleries at the show who have a claim to showing Warhols more than the one in question. Who knows. Who cares. There is your juicy live gossip.

Art or Idiocy? was at the Armory and ~Scope. We are working on a comprehensive report. And that just can't be rushed. But we can tell you this much:

The hierarchy of the art fairs is
1. Armory Show
3. Pulse
4. LA something or other (Stilted LA dealers in a hotel)
5. Diva (it sucks just from the name, also officially connected in some way to Armory, the others are parasites)

Other: Whitney Biennial, (tied for #1)

First impressions are that Scope was better than Armory. If for no other reason than the atmosphere. At Scope you didn't feel like a poor and worthless failure while being crushed by other fair goers. Also, we liked more art at Scope, more art was caught our attention. And it was favorable. Not catching our attention for sucking.

The big news to report is that Natalie Portman was spotted at Armory. She really is short, like people say. She is about four feet tall. Ms. Portman gave that nervous half smile people give eachother in a crowded train. When you are afraid you are in someone's way and don't want to come off as a jerk. She was with out entourage, and that earns point. Portman's hair is well on it's way to growing back after shaving to be in V for Vendetta. But the actress' recovery from Star Wars is anyone's guess.

At Scope the freakish Eva and Adele were out and about. Eva and Adele are the German version of Gilbert and George but not as famous. And they claim to be hermaphrodites from the future on a mission of art.

Reporting from Times Square

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