Sunday, April 30, 2006

Art Chicago SOLD

The latest development in the Art Chicago saga is that it Thomas Blackman has sold his business to the Merchandise Mart. The deal was made Friday night but it is not clear if the whole TBA was liquidated, or just the Art Chicago project.

The Mart now own the show, but the monies owed to TBA by galleries for booths and so on are still Blackman's. People have commented this is good because he is easier to pay back than a bottom line businessman. This grace also may be the cause of TBA's money woes, though.

Also in question is what is to become off all the walls and lights TBA owns and makes revenue from renting out to other fairs accross the country.

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Anonymous said...

Hear it from the Thomas Blackman himself on the last episode 35D of the Bad at Sports Art Fair marathon, should be up later this evening.