Thursday, April 20, 2006


No sooner than Google honored Miro, did the artist's family and the Artists Rights Society complain of copyright infringement. So Google dropped it, as Eyeteeth reports. You can't blaim Google for taking it down, it was a one day thing, and not worth the trouble. But you can blame Miro's family, and ARS for being fucking babies. It's not like Google was mocking Miro. In fact, Google was doing the artist a huge favor and honor, directing millions, billions, of hits in his direction. That plus the logo was in Miro style. As far as Art or idiocy? is aware, and we've checked our extensive files, Joan Miro never did a painting of the Google logo.

If the case against Google was vallid, than all the artists who are aping older artists' styles are fucking dust. Especially since, oh say, Sarah Nesbitt's Peter Doig knockoffs at Kavi Ghupta, are competing in the same market, the contemporary gallery market. And Google was not competing with actual Miro paintings. We could be wrong, but the Joan Miro Estate does not have a search engine, nor is Miro known for having designed logos.

Doing our intrepid online art research, Art or Idiocy? noticed a novel logo for Google. It looks a lot like Joan Miro style. If you click on it, it takes you to the Google results for Miro. Weird. What is also weird and cool is that Miro's dates are 1893 - 1983. But why Miro? Is it is birhtday? What is the signifficance of doing this? During the Olympics Google has a special logo. So Google does this from time to time. But why Miro? Today is his Birthday. Artist tied to Surrealism born on 4/20, dude. It is wonderful an artist is getting play. Miro, some of his stuff is campy. But some is pretty out there, clever, and amazing too. Violence, disharmony and unique materials are as much a part of his work as smooth poetic abstractions.

You can learn about all of Google's special logos of the past HERE

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