Thursday, April 27, 2006


We can get back to dissecting Art Chicago later, for now let's move on

Here is a break down of all the good art and art events worth seeing this weekend:

David Coyle • Gargoyle • at 40000


David Coyle
Blood on Your Saddle

1001 N Winchester (on Augusta near Damen)
Friday and Saturday 1 - 6p
Along with Howard Fonda and Nevin Tomlinson, Coyle is part of a zeitgeisty urge to make good painting (along with other media) in Chicago. Their practices are different, but related. All are working in the environment of "what painting is now" but have begun to stake their own claims and visual idioms. Blood on Your Saddle is an absolute must see.

Margot Bergman 
Wonderland & Other Reveries
Corbett Vs. Dempsey

1120 N. Ashland
Friday and Saturday 11 - 4p
We got a nice sneak peak at the opening of the previous show (Robert Amft, which was also excellent). Bergman has been working for a while and has two modes of painting that have clashed in this show. One is a dada meats Agnes Martin style where she acquires abondoned paintings at thrifts stores and turns them into faces. But the process of living with them, sometimes for years, and waiting for a moment of clarity is in touch with poetic Minimalism. When the image reveals itself a few deft brushtrokes bring it out. The other style is wild and crazy. Loose and violent, but also lighthearted and funny. These paintings come out of nowhere, but click right-on with a lot of what is going on in contemporary art.

When others are continually jawing of honoring and supporting Chicago art history while constantly changes plans, Corbett Vs. Dempsey has been putting on amazing shows and producing catalogues with essays and reproductions. In essence doing, instead of dreaming.

State & Lake

A Contemporary Arts Council exhibition curated by the super awesome Annie Morse
118 N Peoria
Friday & Sat 11 - 5
The show is one of the best seen at the space. And one of the few standout shows seen anywhere else recently. Particularly of note is Mike Wolf’s tarpaulin lean to. Half a hobo shanty under the el, half a Polke/stockholder like painting object. Behind you will find a secret stash of zines, maybe. All the work in this show is great, and goes together well.

Jason Lazarus
12 x 12
Museum of Contemporary Art

220 E Chicago
Fri - Sun 10 - 5
Bookstore till 6, yay
Burning down the MCA with his special eye for photographic images

Yes, Art or Idiocy? is plugging an Erik Wenzel show, but we are coming right out and saying it, as opposed to acting like there is no funny business (SEE certain parts of Newcity)

Erik Wenzel
Butcher Shop Dogmatic

1319 W Lake FLR 3
Sat Noon - 6p & Appointment
This guy is fucking brilliant. Put down whatever shit you were about to purchase and high tail it over to Dog Matic. He is top special, we tell you.

Opening Friday

Matt Siber
Peter Miller

118 N Peoria
6 - 9 p
Siber is part of the circle of photographers that includes Jon Gittelson, Jason Lazarus, Jason Salavon and Brian Ulrich. Siber has been doing diptychs where an image full of text (from signs, billboards and so on) has had all the words removed, and only the colored shapes remain. Next to this are white images, equally large, with only the missing texts from the original image. His work has been moving in new directions. Recent pieces are hovering light up signs that are visible from the highway. Only now are alien, pop art spaceships menacing us with their beautiful colors. Also is a project of the famous Brangelina as they tour France in the form of street adverstising. It seems like Siber is expanding in new and interesting directions.
Jon Gittelson's Car Project show just closed at Peter Miller. It was written up everywhere, but no one got the most important punch. Looking at the car cover made of club flyers, and the flawlessly printed beautifully odd images of it parked in front of clubs was a great experience. But lacking was Gittelson's conceptual, brilliant gesture usually seen. Upon grabbing cards for the show, that special move became clear: they were printed by the same company that did the club flyers. The company that will give you a deal on the glossy pieces of manufactured trash if you opt to let them advertise their printing services on the back of your card. Side one: Gittelson's well designed ad for the Car Project show. Side two: MEGA CARD DEAL BLOW OUT! ADVERTISE YOUR CLUB FOR $$$CHEAP$$$!!!!

Thomas Kapsalis & Kenneth Nack: Parallels and Tangents
Betty Rymer Gallery

280 S Columbus

Discussion with the artists 4:15 p.m.
Opening reception: Friday, April 28, 5 – 7 p.m.

Curated by John Corbett of Corbett VS Dempsey.

The Hot Saturday Night

It’s not a pub-crawl, and its not an art walk, it’s both. And it’s better
Humboldt Park Artist-Run-Apartment-Spaces-Zones-of-Curation
7p – 1a
Get all the info here at the sexy mad website built by master Erik Brown

In brief
Von Zweck 6 - 9
COMA 7 - 10
artLedge 7 - 11
NWestern Ave 9.30 - 1a

Again, a shameless plug: NO, it has shame. That is why you're being told. See more sweet art by Erik Wenzel artLedge.


nova art fair 2006
City Suites Hotel, Belmont El Stop
Fri & Sat Noon - 8
Sun Noon - 6
Parties abound, projects and installations are up all over the neighborhood. Sometimes not having a disaster means you’re looked over. So don't miss this.

Art Chicago in the Park in the Mart
Merchandise Mart, and El Stop
Buy Tix FLR 1, Show FLR 8
Fri & Sat 11 - 8
Sun 11 - 5
Mon 11 - 3

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