Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Diabolical New Museum Hours

The devil (sort-of) rears his ugly head on 6/6/6 and brings an end to AIC free days and suggested admission.

Today is Tuesday, but it is not free day at the Art Institute any longer. Starting last Saturday (June 3) AIC began its new hours and admission policy. 6 • 6 • 6 marks the first Tuesday that the Art Institute is not only not free, but is requiring admission instead of a suggested donation. What beast of hell hath wrought this vile pestilence?

Here are the new hours for AIC:
Summer (Memorial Day- Labor Day)
(That’s the last Monday in May to the first Monday in September for all you Freedom-Haters)

M - W 10:30a - 5p
TH & F 10:30–9:00
SA & SU 10:00–5:00
(Free hours have moved from Tuesday to Thursday and Friday evenings in summer, 5p – 9p)

Fall and Winter
M - W & F 10:30a - 5p
Thursday 10:30a - 8p (Free hours are 5 - 8p)
SA & SU 10a - 5p
ALSO, galleries won't be cleared till 5. No more being scooted out 15 minutes early!

Winter Holidays

>The museum is now open until 6:30 on Thanksgiving weekend (F - SU) and December 26 - 31
>The museum is closed but three days a year: Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year's days.

February Everyday, all day, from February 1 to 21 is also free.
OK, that's random. Especially since there are 28 days in February. This MUST have some Satanic meaning.

It's Gonna Cost You
Adults: $12
Children, Students, and Seniors (over 65): $7
Children under 12 are free. So if you are 12, you have to pay 7 buckaroos, or your parent/s or guardian/s do. AIC don't care who, just somebody better. It would make more sense if 12 was still free. And then they could say "teenagers pay $7" and that would be pretty awesome. It also says "over 65" so that must mean 66 - ??? Uh oh...66.
Members are always free, so Join Us (as the brochures say)

Did the construction of the new Modern Wing unearth some unholy evil that is causing all this? You can see for yourself on the 'tute website with the sweet webcam. (NOTE: We've been watching this for a while now and still can't figure out at what rate it takes pictures. Is it daily? It was interesting to watch the wayward abandoned Art Chicago tents linger. And then to see the grass torn up since it all died under the half finished flooring. And then new sod laid down. I guess we should have told you about this sooner. Sorry.)

Image: Paul Gauguin (French 1848-1903)
Faune 1883-1893 [close enough to a devil]
Unglazed stoneware with touches of gold • H:18 1/2 in.
Estate of Suzette Morton Davidson; Major Acquisitions Centennial Endowment, 1997.88
The Art Institute of Chicago

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This is even funnier, but this time I knew better than to be sipping anything as I read.