Friday, June 23, 2006

Party Arty

Random Wall Art @ 3 Seasons Nolonger is it acceptable to simply show up at art events, socialize and secretly powerbroker deals in public. No. One has to constantly live the art life through a lens. Art or Idiocy? has been documenting the social spectacle of going to galleries to not look at art and standing around to not appear as though a good time is being had. Art or Idiocy? is on the forefront of the cusp of the leading edge with our techy snapping and immediate uploading of pics to Flickr.
Why do it?
If anything means anything than live photoblogging the artworld means everything. Because contemporary art only means this exact second. Because day-old art is just that, OLD. But if you are a loser and don’t get to the right openings, fear not.

Chicago Car Culture @ Cultural CenterThe tour rolls on. Thursday was a late-nite at Johnsonese, tonight is Morpho. It is so hard to be a maven. Good thing Art or Idiocy? only employs art sluts.

>>Visit the Flickr Slideshow HERE

Enjoy! You crazy, fabulous people! Kachow!

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