Friday, June 23, 2006

Podding it up on thee Olde Podcast

The MCA has 11 podcasts of Wolfgang Tillmans in conversation with curator Dominic Molon. These coincide with Tillmans’ show, which is currently on view. We haven’t listened to them yet because we are still recovering from Bad at Sports. The latest episode left us wondering whether we should laugh, cry, or commit a violent crime after listening to Wesley Kimler rabidly rage against the regime for over an hour. Each of the MCA podcasts last between one and four minutes, so they are nice and bite sized.

Kimler did produce one of the best quotes on the Art Chicago debacle though:
    “People had to jump through small hoops held very high to ruin it like they’ve ruined it. I mean it took talent to so screw up and fµçk up our artworld. But they managed to do it.”

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The Shark said...

rabidly rage?..hmmmmm -I really thought I was just too damned nice all considered. I look forward to addressing that lacuna in the near future when The Shark returns for a few chomps more-