Thursday, July 13, 2006

2 + 2 = 40000

Check it out, more accurate, and with links! Also, please direct your attention to the updated departments on your left. More FUN, and new Resources and a few things like that.

Drawings in Sketchbook
Drawings from early 2006 in Erik Wenzel's sketchbook

Although both parties announced changes in their exhibition strategies and locations, until just recently there was no official link between 40000 of West Town and Bodybuilder & Sportsman of the West Loop. But judging by the new locale listed on 40000’s slightly revamped site (red & grey instead of aqua & grey, vampirish) the speculations everyone has been talking about are true. 40000 has taken up residence in Bodybuilder’s old space. BB&S is currently on appointment-only hiatus while building out:
    “The new gallery space will be designed as two contiguous cubes resulting in a four-walled, 2:1 proportional rectangle. This fully versatile exhibition space, uncompromised by columns or obstructions, is perfectly suited for all media from painting, photography and sculpture to video installations.” - via BB&S website
40000’s debutant coming out ball is tomorrow night. This gallery is probably the fastest rising star in the city. It hearkens back to Apt. 1R/1R/Van Harrison going from Pilsen to challenging Kavi Ghupta. Similarly Bucketrider. It will be interesting to see where things go. Also, although now technically in the West Loop, 40G will still remain a member of the West Town Gallery Network.

New members include 65GRAND, run by Bill Gross. And Duchess, run by Katie Rashid and Kat Parker from Rhona Hoffman. Booster and Seven has dropped out due to their ceassation to exist in the physical realm. B.S. (sorry, couldn't resist) will continue as "an active project as they continue to curate and facilitate select exhibitions and events" from the æther they now live in.

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The Ladies from Duchess are on Bad at Sports this week.