Wednesday, August 09, 2006


Dont Blame Me, I Voted for the Terrorists

Yesterday the Art or Idiocy? store at cafepress was launched. So now you can stop by Galerie Art or Idiocy? Objets d’Art for all your art gear. We have a journal for your Deep Art Thoughts and an attention-getting tee for you to wear when courting galleries. All this and much more.
Order now and be ready for the September gallery season! ! Cafepress is even having a discount on shipping $$$

There is also a T-shirt sporting a painting by Carl Baratta, Wizard.

The details are below the Hermitage story, or HERE.

These items, art objects as they are, will be limited in their availability. So you can rest assure that they are honest to goodness editions. And since we are calling them art, they are in fact, art.

Profits go towards supporting the arts, which means paying for gas, telephone and electric and cat food for the studio assistant. And beer, you can’t be in the art scene without having a beer now and again.

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Lisa Hunter said...

I'll bet you get a big run on T-shirts in November, just in time for the elections!