Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Attempting to Cram Another Fair Down Miami’s Already Choked Gullet

Art or Idiocy? was on the scene snapping pictures-doing a little street photography-at last week’s opening. We are preparing a nice photo-essay on the whole thing, so bear with us...

In an email yesterday, Bridge Magazine announced the 64 exhibitors for its Miami fair this December. A lot of galleries we have never heard of. But Billy Shire Fine Arts is on there. No surprise, since that is the place that shows Tony Fitzpatrick out in Culver City. The famous Michael Jordan fan is Bridge’s poster boy, quite literally, a large reproduction of a Fitzpatrick collage was emblazoned on Bridge’s Nova Art Fair program/poster this spring.

Another notable gallery on the list is Peter Miller Gallery. It is notable because it is surprising to see Miller at an art fair. The gallery has a reputation for not engaging in art fairs, promoting its artists and a slew of other gossipy things all of which leads to one not expecting Peter Miller Gallery to venture beyond its cloister in Chicago on 118 N Peoria.

The Bridge Art Fair Miami 2006 (a mouthful) website is just a list right now, no links. (HERE) But a “redesigned website [is] coming soon.”

It seems a little contradictory that a nonprofit would be able to have an art fair. And one in the most non nonprofit spot in all the world. An art fair is an entity that is arguably the purest, sexiest, ugliest incarnation of the art world. An art fair is least about art and most about selling it. But then again NADA is a nonprofit alliance too. And that is even more confusing.

Artnet’s helpful breakdown of fairs this fall, including the Maimi hoarde is HERE


Anonymous said...

I'm sure PMG is headed done to Miami to ensure that no one buys anything from their artists. Something they excel at here in Chicago.
As well, they'll return with the the real prize, a big fat tax write off.

Lisa Hunter said...

It does seem odd that an art fair can get non-profit status. Are auction houses next?

Anonymous said...

it's a shame nada is seen as just an art fair. they do much more then an art fair, and they don't make a profit.