Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Do We Really Need Another Warhol Documentary?
PBS: Yes we do.

Because no one can really understand the true genius of Warhol until it is documentated by Ric Burns.

Part one airs tonight in Chicago on Channel 11 @ 9P part two, Thursday night.

It is part of American Masters, a high quality robust series of documentaries on the well established cannon of important cultural icons (i.e. jazz and folk musicians, playwrights, old filmmakers and a few artists--all presented in crisp B&W on the website)

It is great to have art on TV (is it?), but come on, booooring. How many times can the same gossipy stories about Andy be told? Sure, you could interview hangers-on forever and never new stories. But, man, does that get old. And don’t point out that “you’ll never know the true Andy,” or that, "anyone's idea of Andy is as accurate as anyone," cos you know what? Every documentary on him says that. Usually at the end when they are asking themselves, "what have I learned? What have I added to the Andy discourse?" OH! You are so deep! I’m sure Andy would think it is fabulous they are making a documentary that is 4 hours long on him. But he would think it infinitely more glamorous that they are multiple Andies on Myspace.

your Window To The World That's the Channel 11 listing, by the way.

Oh my god, I can’t fucking wait to see the Sketches of Frank Gehry episode.

See Andy and all his arty friends Arty art art !


Bill Dolan said...

I would like to know how they stretch 15 minutes of material into four hours.

65GRAND said...

hey man, don't be fucking with my buzz. i've been waiting for this shit for weeks.
4 hours on the brillo box alone would even be better.

only thing that could top it would be 4 hours of richard tuttle. that would be sublime tv.

gotta go it's starting.

all caps no gaps.

Bill Dolan said...

I don't know about 4 hours on the Brillo boxes, but a discussion on his 8mm movies and the influence of experimental film making on TV commercials of the 80s -- 00s would be interesting.

Also, if they have some footage of the parties at the Factory with the Velvet Underground would be great.

Unfortunately, though, I cut the cord on my TV recently because I was spending too much time in front of it.

Nice to see a visual artist getting that much attention on prime time, though.