Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Inquiring Minds Want to Know

Relocating a gallery, even just a number of blocks, is quite a task. In time for the season openers Friday? Daunting. Art or Idiocy? magnate Erik Wenzel contacted Aron Packer, who is in the middle of just such an endeavor. Aron graciously took a few moments out of his hectic schedule to fill us all in:

IMAGE: Robert Horvath

Aron Packer : Hi-- thanks fer emailing.

Erik Wenzel : The gallery will be open for this Friday’s big events. Does this mean your space in 118, or the new space on Lake?
The space at 942 W Lake only. The other is closed. 942 is called Packer Schopf gallery.

Is your old space empty then?

Are there plans of others moving in?
I don't know.

What brought about the merger?
Antsy-ness in my old space and a great opportunity. [The new] space is like 4 times as big including the lower level.

Are you continuing to maintain your space in Michigan?
Yes... But that is still Aron Packer gallery.

Is there anything else you’d like to add?
At the moment, no. Except come visit. I have way too much to do.

So be sure to check out the newest development in Chicago’s West Loop. Ever the conduit of information, Art or Idiocy? is happy to provide these details that might otherwise be difficult to come by:
    Packer Schopf Gallery
    942 W. Lake St.
    Chicago IL 60607

    Open Friday, September 8th from 6 - 9P

    Soft Opening II (group show of gallery artists) featuring....
    Backstitched: The Embroidered Comics of Dee Clements

    Grand Opening will be Friday, October 20th and will feature Robert Horvath.

    Gallery Hours for September will be Thursday, Friday and Saturday 11A to 5:30P. Tuesday and Wednesday by chance.

    Starting October we will go to full gallery hours...
    Tuesday - Saturday 11A to 5:30P or by appointment.

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