Friday, September 22, 2006

It’s Time For Another Installation of "Art Stuff to do This Weekend"

If you are in Chicago, and want to participate, view, or observe some art in an eventful way, here are some suggestions. FYI, as they say in emails at work.

Start off your weekend in a refreshing outdoorsy way bright and early at Humboldt Park by watching Autumnal Equinox:
    “On Saturday, September 23, the Vernal Equinox, Stan Shellabarger will be walking in a pattern, from sunrise to sundown, in Humboldt Park (near North Ave, in-between Humboldt Dr and California Ave).”

Shellabarger doing his thang at IL State Uni, from TimeOut Chicago

Shellabarger is one of the very very few conceptualists doing performance art in a way that isn’t hilariously pretentious, or completely oblivious to 70s and its post minimalist ways. And of those engaging in the performative conceptualist back to naturism of the 70s, Shellabarger is one that comes to mind as successfully adding to the dialogue.

Then get even more organic when you swing by Gallery 400 at its new slash old location of 400 S Peoria.

Saturday at 2, Jeanne Dunning is throwing a tomato fight in preparation or in conjunction with, her show set to open in the new renovated space of Gallery 400 at UIC (the show opens Oct 4). It is a vegetarian equivalent to Carolee Schneemann’s Meat Joy. And the famous one in Spain that seems to thrill newscasters every year as if for the first time. Dunning’s to-do is actually called “Tomato Fight,” (details HERE) The show in the gallery will consist of a “large-scale photograph, Field, 2005 and related video documentation.” That better be one charming motherfucking photo, based on Dunning’s exhibition at the Cultural Center recently, we are not quite interested.

Of course Dunning is relatively famous/successful outside of Chicago, but the work always just smacks of effort. It’s that sort of look were the art belies a self-doubting insignificance that plagues the city. Dunning’s work really wants to be “New York” or “costal” but it can’t quite make it.

Then there is the West Town Gallery Network ART HOP on Saturday too. It produces mixed feelings. It makes sense and all that, let’s coordinate, and get people out together, but it is a little cheesy too. Everyone gets a sticker at each gallery on the itinerary, and if you collect them all, you can enter the raffle to win a work of art (taking place at 6:30P at 40000). It is by the same artist who designed the WTGN’s current pamphlet. This time it is Deb Sokolow.

Going on this treasure hunt is going to be harder than previous ones. There are now two more stops to make. And one involves a treacherous sojourn to 65GRAND, nothing more than a purveyor of over-priced buckets of painty slop. But if you want to win that Deb Sokolow piece, courtesy 40000, you will have to venture on in. That was a joke. It is only one bucket, and it is charming.

In October, they should just do trick or treating. Each gallery would pass out candy. Good candy, not art treats, or homemade candy, but Snickers and Butterfingers. It would end in some big art party at a loft instead of a raffle, with everyone dressed as sexy devils, sexy vampires, sexy Frankensteins, sexy wolfmens/womens, sexy mummies and sexy zombies.

All the info is over there >> Hop on Over to the Sock Hop

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Lisa Hunter said...

I dunno. Path-walking? Tomato-throwing? The Chicago art scene seems to involve an awful lot of exercise.

Has no one in the windy city read Fran Leibowitz? I love her idea for a New York Decathalon, with only five events because everyone's so busy. (I think the events were sleeping, buying cigarettes, doing PR, meeting for drinks and hailing a cab. Or something like that.)