Friday, September 15, 2006

The Second Wave

Sorry for the late notice, but here goes:

Is everyone recovered from last weekend? Good. It is time for part two. Feeling ill? That’s OK, hair of the dog which that did bite you. Beer cures hangovers. Now onto WestTown. Start out with 65GRAND (one word, all caps) TONITE, 7-10P 1378 W Grand (entrance on Noble) It’s the opening of Bob Jones it may seem secretive and elusive. It is, lucky we are telling you about it. It is not because gallery director Bill Gross is a self effacing “bad gallerist”. Don’t stay out too late though, because Saturday you have to wake up early and go to all the shows that were too packed to see on Friday the 9th, and slept through on Saturday (because its not the season opener unless you are out till 4am)

more info:65GRAND

Saturday the 16th is WestTown Gallery Network’s slew of openings. 65GRAND is just the taste. You have the new locations of Network cornerstones Lisa Boyle Gallery and Western Exhibitions opening too. The conjoined twins continue the mutually beneficial symbiotic relationship at 1821 W Hubbard, Suite 202

more info:
Lisa Boyle

Shane Campbell Gallery is now in the neighborhood too, at 1431 W Chicago Ave. Although not a member of WTGN (sorry, we can't say WGN) Campbell is in the area and having its first opening 6-8P. Campbell was long situated in Oak Park with compatriots Michelle Grabner and Brad Killam of The Suburban. Campbell’s space will remain up there. But it is good to have an outpost here in the city. The show opening tomorrow is MODERN PRIMITIVISM, and features work by: Katherine Bernhardt, Mark Grotjahn, Guyton/Walker, Jay Heikes, Evan Holloway, Chris Lipomi, William J. O'Brien, Anthony Pearson & Chris Vasell. It runs through September 16 - November 4, 2006

Shane is also, “working on the details for the lecture series but plan on offering a general survey of 19th and 20th century art.” Which sounds interesting.

more Info:Shane Campbell

Also is Huong Ngo at Duchess, 1043 W Grand floor4, another WTGNer. You may recall Ngo was featured in our very first Top Ten by Ms. Audrey Peiper (you can see it by checking out our Top Ten section to your left). Savage Parallelograms opens 7-10P

more info:duchess

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