Thursday, October 05, 2006

Art Things to do in Chicago This Weekend

If it’s not on the list, it isn’t art, it hasn’t been christened by the arbiters and the initiates have not runneth their cups to overflow upon them.

Mel Bochner • Measurement: 12" x 12" x 12" (detail) • 1999 • Oil on shellac-prepared Arches watercolor paper • 30 x 22 inches

All day tomorrow at the Art Institute is a post structuralist dorkfest that we couldn’t be more excited about!

Mel Bochner’s Focus exhibition opens tonight (Thursday) and is followed up by a FULL DAY of panel discussions. His Highness Yve-Alain Bois delivers the keynote address at 9A and is followed by a morning panel discussion with Chrissie Iles of the Whitney, Scott Rothkopf of Artforum, Eric de Bruyn from the U. of Groningen and Jeffrey Thompson of Western Michigan U. from 10A - 12NOON. The afternoon panel has Carroll Dunham, once a studio assistant of Bochner’s, the ‘tute’s own James Rondeau, Judith Russi Kirshner of UIC, Christophe Cherix from the Art and History museum in Geneva and Johanna Burton of Bard at Columbia.

Then head up to a humble show drawings and works on paper featuring some Art or Idiocy? cohorts and curated by Elke Claus in conjunction with the esteemed Ruprecht Dogheit & Associates. Artists include:
Carl Baratta , Mariano Chavez, Kevin Chow, Christina Corfield, Tracy Kostenbader, Rebecca Kautz, Thomas Lucas, Tish Noel, Shana Hampton, Michael Pollard, Bruce Riley, Erik Wenzel & Anthony Whittaker

From Sex & Death by Christina Corfield

Morpho Gallery (5216 N Damen)
Opening Friday 6TH from 6 - 11P
Saturday 7TH & Sunday 8TH 12NOON - 5P

Finally, on Saturday the 6TH hit up Butcher Shop Dogmatic for the closing of The Longest Piss exhibition (EC Brown & Renee Gory)

Butcher Shop Dogmatic (1319 W Lake)
Open Saturday 7TH 12NOON - 6P
Closing Partay 6 - 9P

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Anonymous said...

I wish I could see that morpho show.Say hi to you,Mariano,Tish and Carl from portland.Great blog,thanks for keeping me up to date on everything I am missing out on.