Wednesday, October 11, 2006

At Last!


The photo-essay of our journey through the orgy of the Fall Art Openings is up and running on Flickr. The first Friday of September saw just about every gallery in Chicago opening their doors, bringing out their finest cheap wines, and staking their claim with many ambitious shows. You can read our witty comments, and see our lushly colored images. And what a better time as this weekend marks you last chance to see these shows that kicked of the o6/o7 art season in Chicago?

Some insiders have commented that this season marks the city turning a corner of sorts. Not only were students and poor artists out, but collectors and curators, museum people and visitors from out of town. In more than one instance, we heard how many collectors were out for fear of missing out. There was almost a feel of need to be out on the town if you wanted to be in on what is happening. This in a city were many collectors and curators don't seem to make the rounds. Certainly not to the openings. Many collectors and curators from Chicago institutions are known to look elsewhere for art. Even if they see work here first, or an artist is from here, they seem to wait for a nod of approval from the coasts or Europe. For the first time people here in Chicago, and more importantly, people from outside of Chicago, seemed to take notice, and pay attention. This at least was what people on the street in the galleries and at the parties were saying.


Oh, and if you are wondering about Art or Idiocy?s 2nd Anniversary, you missed it. We silently turned 2 this past September 23rd with the ultra secret invite-only White Wiener Salon. Of course this was modeled on the famous parties of the late Jason Rhoades, but the guests we had were much cooler and less pretentious, and our cocaine was, well. MMM. We also had a visit from the Enlightend Cat Buddha who blessed the event.

Well wishers included our friend Andy. He was unable to celebrate with us, but Warhol sent us this nice greeting:

"Ohhhh, wow. . .Happy birthday today!
Are you going to have someone pop out of a cake? That would be so great. . .Get a picture of it if you do."

Who knows, maybe one day we will actually have a real party at a real bar with real fun.

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Lisa Hunter said...

Congrats on your White Weiner Salon anniversary. My invitation must have made a wrong turn at Albequerque... :-)