Sunday, December 31, 2006

Saddam Execution **warning - graphic images**

"Saddam Hussein's execution was captured by cell phone. This appears to be an unedited version of the former dictator's execution."

This definiately brings up lots of issues, both political and cultural. In the art sphere the immediate thought is "Society of the Spectacle." Questions of mediation, censorship and consumerism. We are witnessing this event via Google, courtesy of a cell phone. Compare this to other historic events. In some ways this is more acurate and real. It is unmediated, it is not the reinactment staged for photgraphers of the flag raising at Iwo Jima, or even of Saddam statues being toppled three years ago. It is the result of our new media world culture, etc. One person with a cellphone can broadcast it to the whole world. Even as people debated what the major news networks would show, everyone mentioned it would be available on the internet. We are getting used to the idea of newspapers as being obsoulete in terms of breaking news, but now TV is out of date.


Anonymous said...

Why do people feel compelled to look at this shit, or for that matter post this shit. Stick to art, spare us the snuff films, the mainstream media has already beaten this horse to death.

wesley said...

The second flag raising at Iwo Jima was not a reenactment. The soldiers wanted a larger flag that could be better seen down on the battlefield -the photograph, though of the second flag raising is completely unstaged -this has been verfied by all those present -who survived the battle that is -three of those pictured raising the flag did not -nor did the cinematographer who filmed the event.