Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Hot & Humid

We have received news that the Rice building of the Art Institute was closed down today. Lights were cut wherever possible as every attempt was made to reduce the heat and humidity. The problem stemmed from the air conditioning not kicking in at the right time in the morning. This is a problem with the HVAC system, when the building moves from heating to cooling mode as the seasons change. The result was the nightmare scenario of the Ambrose Vollard Cezanne to Picasso show shutting down. Crowded with hundreds of museum-goers the space would have been a sauna. Everything is expected to be back to normal tomorrow.

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Anonymous said...

I visited the museum on this lovely warm spring Tuesday and yes, it was quite hot. First noticed the 'crisis' when attempting to view the small Delacroix exhibit in an almost TOTALLY DARK hallway! Asked the security guard what was up. She said no one was prepared for the higher temps that day (you know, large buildings are programed weeks in advance for temperature control and NO ONE CAN CHANGE IT when disaster strikes). Lights were dimmed or totally turned off; fans were running in most rooms. Funny to see, in the Cezanne exhibit, a team of frantic museum execs zipping through with walkie talkies and thermal devices. Quote: "Yes we have confirmed a CLIMATIC EMERGENCY, with average temperature of 82/83 degrees in all rooms." So, the blockbuster exhibit was hot in more ways than one this day. Hope none of the paint melted.