Monday, March 19, 2007

Pull Out Linzy

From an anynoymous source we just heard that Kalup Linzy pulled out at the last minute from his show scheduled to open Friday at Monique Meloche. Rob Davis & Michael Langlois, also showing, stepped up and filled the whole space. The website now makes no mention of Linzy and only features info on “Robert Davis + Michael Langlois in collaboration with Rashid Johnson Look into the Rays...”

Presumably they continue their sacrament-fueled partying the trio famously did in Berlin earlier this year and commemorated with a full page ARTFORUM ad. As for Linzy there is no speculation as to why it happened. He is still scheduled to speak at the The School of The Art Insitute on March 28. Earlier this spring it was heard that Linzy had been searching for a venue in Chicago, did one deemed "better" or more "high-profile" pop up? It's anyone's guess as to why and how this went down.

Any thoughts or comments?


santha said...

Official Burt Young Website Launch!

The official website of Burt Young has been launched. Burt Young, the Academy Award nominated actor and maverick artist, has launched a wonderful display of paintings. The website is a literal library describing milestones, film and art. He can be browsed at:

Anonymous said...


Maybe when said artist arrived in Chicago to work out installation of the show and inquired about accommodations, they were directed to meet at a bar to discover the gallerist well on their way to lushdom. As the evening wore on, the gallerist got drunk to the point of resting her head on the table. The artist asked again about a hotel and the gallerist said that the artist would be staying at her place. She grabbed her keys which prompted the artist to protest at the prospect of riding with a drunk driver. The gallerist insisted she lived right down the street and the artist relented. When driving continued beyond "down the street," the artist began to panic. Suddenly the gallerist stopped the car, got out, left the door open, and went to pee in someone's yard. At this point the artist called a friend in NYC to figure out what to do - the friend suggested calling the police. The artist decided against this, but insisted that the gallerist take him to the nearest hotel, despite the fact they were in a shady neighborhood. Arriving at a hotel, the artist went inside to ask about room rates, When he returned outside, he discovered the gallerist had driven off with his suitcase and laptop, leaving him stranded. There's much more to the story, but that's quite enough explanation don't you think?

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr.-Ms. Anon.

We all know that there is no truth up under that size 12 skirt. You should stop that mess.

Anonymous said...

Bottom line: Monique Meloche is a drunk who routinely bounces checks and is an embarrassment for the Chicago art scene. Just ask Kalup Linzy's NY gallerist. Artists who show with her are simply announcing to the art world beyond Chicago that they are desperate or easily duped...