Saturday, April 28, 2007

Public Works

Art or Idiocy has just learned that the City of Chicago is not in the process, but indeed has already cut, $500,000 from the budget for art. What is the great need for which the funds have been allocated? To provide healthcare to needy families? No. To assist the abysmal public transit system? No. It must be to bankroll the salaries of relatives and friends appointed to extraneous offices by nepotistic City Employees then, right? No.

It is to promote the City’s Olympic bid.

But that is OK. Because it will raise the profile of our fair metropolis, and more importantly bring development to the city's deprived south side. Of course the poor, economically disenfranchised minorities will be pushed further to the periphery.


Lisa Hunter said...

Your question "Art or Idiocy?" never seemed so pertinent.

greeneyesight [at] hotmail [dot] com said...

this just in from the Chicago Department of Cultural Affairs: "CITY OF CHICAGO TO AWARD $1 MILLION IN CITYARTS GRANTS
TO ARTS AND CULTURAL ORGANIZATIONS IN 2007" The next step: finding out what is in their budget for bloggers