Tuesday, May 22, 2007

60 Thousand Dollar Rembrandt Etching Stolen

The Chicago Sun-Times reported this morning, as only it can, with the lead off sentence, “One of the burglars looked like Mike Ditka, but shorter.” Way to bring it to the level of the common man.

“Adam and Eve” 1638 was stolen from Hilligoss Gallery on Sunday. The other crook was, “...a 5-foot-4 blonde in her 40s. She wore a tan trench coat straight out of film noir,” noted the Sun-Times. “The purloined 6- by 4- inch etching was in a 24- by 26- inch frame.”

The killers, I mean robbers, were very quick and were seen on security tapes casing the joint, I mean gallery. Hopefully the piece will be recovered.

Image from the Art Institute's collection

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Julia Haw said...

ha... the burglar looked like mike ditka? wow. i like this blog. i haven't come across it before..