Thursday, May 10, 2007

"Free" "Original" Art by Gilbert & George

Art as Authority alerted me to the unique "giveaway" of Gilbert & George's art on the internet. Until about 5:30P Central Time, you'll be able to download hi-res panels of a piece entitled Planed by the art team. Which you then print out and assemble. So it involves some work on your end. And some A4 sized paper. Does it still count if you resize it for US Letter? The implications of this project are astronomical! Although it is only available for a short time, it is an unlimited edition in a very unique way. And requires viewer participation to be realized. We can play the studio assistant, preparator, and maybe curator or dealer, if you decide to install and frame it.

There is always a constant interest hanging around the art world in ephemera, catalogs, invitations, hand-outs, buttons, stickers and so on. Artists like Felix Gonzalez-Torres get caught up in it by making work that is disbursed through out the public freely. Of course the piece is the stack of paper, or the pile of candy, but what does it mean to collect a sheet for yourself? What if you pocket some candy? Shows of historical ephemera are always being organized, particularly from movements like Dada, Fluxus, and so on. Ephemera also plays an important part in scholarly exhibitions, placed on view in vitrines alongside Picassos and Renoirs is massive blockbusters. So Gilbert & George’s Planed, is a new twist on this peripheral aspect of art.

You can get started on the crown jewel of your artist ephemera collection HERE

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