Thursday, May 24, 2007

This Weekend

Each copy of the show's catalog is uniquely hand-colored

Be sure to check out KlusterCRUSTS, the “final” exhibition at Butcher Shop Dogmatic. After that Michael Thomas, who's run Dogmatic in its various incarnations for about a decade, heads to New York. Artists Carrie Ruckel and Karen Patzke are planning on continuing the program. And ostensibly Thomas will be back in a couple years. At any rate, put together by Paul Nudd, this is an excellent show, and a fitting send off (through Saturday, June 9th). The show centers around the mad tinkering inventions of Nick Black. His kinetic art invokes nightmare visions of Paul McCarthy, Jean Tingley, Jason Rhodes and Jeff Koons, with a little real life Rube Goldberg thrown in too. Other artists include Mariano Chavez, Ryan Christian, Chris Kerr, Matthew Steinke & Joseph Cassan + Daniel Bruttig

1319 W Lake ST
Chicago, IL 60607
Regular hours are SAT 12NOON - 6P


Rudolf Stingel @ MCA (No. 28)

Also, swing by the MCA for the Rudolf Stingel show in its final weekend (through Sunday, the 27th). It is one of the best exhibitions I’ve seen there. It is sure to amaze and delight, or annoy and make you say “that’s not painting.”

Museum of Contemporary Art
220 E Chicago AVE
Chicago, IL 60611-2643
This FRI, SAT & SUN 10A - 5P


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